Repeat Prescriptions

Our Patients are able to order their repeat prescriptions in any one of the following ways;

Please remember to include your Name, Date of birth, Contact Number and the name of medication and correct dosage you wish to order. 


Medication Reviews

It is important for the doctor or nurse to review your medication to ensure that:

  • Your condition is controlled by the medication
  • You are not getting any side effects
  • If you need necessary blood tests

Your review date will be shown on your re-order slip. When your review is due, please request an appointment with a GP. 

Balancing Medication Items

  • Please try to order all regular items together.
  • If any items are no longer needed please inform us when requesting your repeat prescription
  • To avoid over ordering our computer will alert us if you order sooner than 20 days for 28 days prescriptions or sooner than 40 days for a 56 day prescription
  • If you need to re-order your medication early, please put a note on your re-order slip.

Prescription Ordering Information

For more information on the Medicine Order Line system and all methods of ordering your prescription please click the below link. 

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